What time do the races start, and when do they end?

Races only occur in July and August.

Gates open at 11am and the race runs at 1pm. 

Depending on the number of races that we have the time varies between 5:30-6:30. 

Is there any air conditioned seating?

No, all of our seating is outdoors. Our grandstands, which hold the box seats and general admission, are covered and will give some cover from the sun. Please note that at some point there might be some direct sun for a short period of time. 

Do you allow dogs?

There are no pets allowed at any Fairground Sponsored event. 

Only ADA Service animals are allowed.

What can you bring into the grounds?

We allow you to bring lawn chairs to sit in for either races or concerts. 

There are no coolers allowed in the gate. 

We have food and drinks here so please leave all outside food outside. 

You may bring in Yeti cups to pour drinks into. 

Can we reserve a table for a large group?

Unfortunately we do not have any way to reserve or hold a table(s). You are welcome to arrive when the gates open and try to save them yourself. 

Have a question that isn't listed?

Is your question not listed here? Reach out to us through the Contact Us section and ask, we will be happy to get them answered.